15 Songtext
von Bob Geldof

15 Songtext

Jeanne saved my soul
Again last night
She bathed me in love
She told me I was beautiful
And I made her come a lot
She made me special perfumed tea
Went and bought patisserie
Put on music - Bob Marley
Lay me back
And fed me

She read a poem by Baudelaire
Sitting naked in a chair
Her perfume filled the holy air
And eased my tired heart
She lit a fire later on
Put her bra and panties on
I watched her as her beauty shone
And filled my empty soul

And though I did my best and tried
Sadness claimed me and I cried
She wiped the wetness from my eyes
Being kind
She said she didn't mind
She drew a bath and washed me clean
Then kneeling took me by degrees
She held me till I went to sleep
Then put me on the 10: 15

God you work in wondrous ways
Bless this girl for all her days
And when I'm old and tired and grey
I'll think of this day

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