Little Boy Preacher Songtext
von Blues Pills

Little Boy Preacher Songtext

People always talk about the little boy preacher, yeah
Everybody wanna be around that beautiful creature, yeah
His hair hangs down
He wears it like a crown
Wait till you see him
He got them evil eyes
He'll fool you with his smile
He's gonna teach you, yeah

You know you're alone
You feel it in your bones
You see him creeping
The reason I am told
He is a marvel to behold
You'll wanna be him, yeah
People always talking about
He's a sensation
All the people gather around
For his salvation

You won't even know
He got you hypnotised
With the speels he put on you and me
And he won't let you go
You'll never realise
With those yes he got us all deceived

Keep on tricking my mind
I'm losing sight
(Nations running wild)
(Damnation coming down)

All the people dancing about
He has risen, yeah
And people come from miles around
Psychological prison, yeah

His poison charm
He tells you to be calm
You are defeated
When he speaks in tongues
He can't be overcome
The little boy preacher

But he's a liar
(The boy preacher)
(The boy preacher)

We gonna be fine
Don't give in, alright

(Nations running wild)
(Damnation coming down

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