Poet Has Come (TV) Songtext
von Blaq Poet

Poet Has Come (TV) Songtext

Ladies and Gentlemen, We got Queens- finest up in this motherfucka tonight
They just came from a war, they wanna let you know a lil' somethin' about where they come from

Surprise nigga, Poet laser beam spitta
I'm from The, Queens nigga
One of the last real mean niggas
Back up, I'm hype and I'm in
I'm on some shit
I still consider Tyson a champ
Yall niggas is puss,
Type of niggas, niggas get mushed
Can't wait to duce ya ass to my foot
I'm comin through like I told all my dons I would
I'm coppin that brick, I'm makin sure them guns is good
That's some other shit I really shouldn't be rhymin' about
But fuck it, I ain't holdin' nothin' I put my time on the block
I leave it all for my real??? dogs to do
While I, break raps in two and rep for the screw
Year Round's the label, The logo's a calander
I'm Blaq Poet, destroying all challengers

Ya niggas better run
Im number one don
Time for action
Ya niggas better run
Don't matter where you from
Go tell everyone


Poet has come to do niggas dirty
Ya son of a bitches I don't like none of them niggas
I seen 'em in the magazine frontin' in pictures
With them video hoes, but they ain't fuckin them bitches
Poet has come to lead yall niggas
Hip Hop is starvin' I came to feed yall niggas
Poet has come to show you who's the best at this
I'm wreckin' shit
Nigga I perfected this
I let my dog take a shit on ya front yard
Pull out the Mack, and go straight retard
I got the bitches sayin, "Damn, he look too hard!"
He might beat the pussy up
"Oh child Lord!"
Yall niggas don't understand how I'm comin' at it
My formula's quadratic
My shit is too deep, even for you college kids
[FIRE!] That's how hott it is
Throw the shit on and watch heads bop to this


I got Preem with me, NYG'z with me, M.O.P. with me,
Teflon, Krumb Snatcha, and Bun B with me
Who's with me?
Goons with me
I fools with me
Rave Roulette
Get drunk and act a fool with me
New York City we got that real grime gritty
And I want yall to love me, Like yall love [Biggie]
Ain't no other kings in this rap thing is right
The crown is always and forever, Frank White
So fuck yall niggas
Put the mask on, stick yall niggas
Then act like, yo who stuck yall niggas?
I'm the foulest nigga you gon' ever meet
Name bang on every street
Screwball, who hah hold heavy heat
You better prey to God we don't never meet
Leave you slumped over the wheel, blood on your leather seat
Brains on the passenger side of the window
Fuckin' with that ho, didn't get a chance to hit the dro
This is for the non-believers
Niggas want beef?
Niggas got to meet cleavers
Niggas want drama?
Niggas got the street sweeper
Niggas wanna squash it?
Fuck you, you get the finger

"The ...Queens..."

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