Leave the Bones Behind Songtext
von Black Milk

Leave the Bones Behind Songtext

Where the blood is spilled
City bloods get killed
Kids dodging bullets on their Big Wheels
Hustlas ride through
Old schools ride throughon big wheels
It feels that nobody can't reach us
Beneath us
Ignored all my teachers
Was bored by the preachers
Instead went home played Liquid Swords out my speakers
Starting write something
Around the time Bookie got Locked up
But then got out
It's 1990 something
God forbid our lives is taken
Just trying to leave a legacy
Before we meet our maker
What you in for?

Wreckless detrimental
Like young niggas
Throwing up sets outside the car window
Smoke from Indo
For your Info
Make sure every rap that's wrote
Leave rappers in limbo
Used to grab the pen
With money on my mental
Now I think about my kinfolk
With every pen stroke
Take it all the stars
It was all vision
The only thing that help
Lets get through hard living
Blowing pot
Grand pops wishing we would listen
Screaming about how we don't gotta
Pot to piss in

Leave it all behind

Check it
December to November
But then again
The latest news
Delivering from the heads
Under the pendulum
Swinging like strange fruit
What would make you
Wake up in a gay suit
When your black skin remind you of slave roots
But then again
I felt it in the air like I felt Phil Collins
I was still rocking headphones
Walking through the dam
Someone dance on hold
Just to pop and pop back state
A rock and a hard place
The lost race
Win and grin so much
They can't talk straight
I often think blunt
Blast on
Trying to hold mics like
Fidel Castro
On the block with Barack Obamas
Looking like Osama hiding llamas
Aunt Jemima and pancakes
Now that's grace
Except the eggs
Send my love to the Motherland
We trying to behave
Tired of seeing Graves
Tired of thinking that the same
Thing is hopping in the someones elses' same age
Major to margin
Pray to paper plates (?)
So that they can restart
From the Land of the Lock

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