Check It All Out Songtext
von Black Heat

Check It All Out Songtext

Taxes and prices increasing
While the jobs are decreasing
Food runnin' out much too soon
If something ain't done
I believe the world is doomed
Open up your minds
Open up your minds
C'mon, check it on out

Oo-ooh yeah

Work eight hours, a whole day
I worked so hard
Lord, for not much pay
Young folks say what we need
Is revolution
While the old folks still screaming
About drug institution
Open up your mind
Aw, open up your mind

Lord, check it on out (out out out)
Check it on out

This conversation
Is about me and you
I don't know about you but
I'm tired of livin' in misery
Oh, I can't stand much more
Sometimes it makes me feel
Like I wish I was dead instead of 'live
I don't want to wind up like some of my brothers
On a corner for a fix

Check it on out
Check it out

Some of the problems
Of the world today
Is the war today
The president
Look at the president
He's stealing from us all
Spending our money
And talkin' trash
And havin' hi'self a ball
The prices of meat
And everything is going up
What we go... what will we do?
We better check it on out
We have to find out what
What our life is all about
C'mon, get your minds together
Stop sittin' around jivin'
Oh, help me
Somebody help me
I wanna check it on out
I can't stand no more
Something just have to be done
You act like you don't know
What's going on' listen
But the conversation

Is telling ya all to

Open up your mind
Y'all, open up your mind
Let's check it on out

Oh yeah

(Check it on ou-out)

(Check it on out)
(Check it on ou-out)
(Check it on out)
What would you do?
To stop the confusion?
Go on and check it on out

Check it out (check it out)
I'm talkin' to you
Talkin' to you and you and you and you too
Somethin' have to be done
I can't afford to live no more
Aw, somebody please help
Help me, help me
We need (Check it on out)
We need to be as one
We need to join in hands
Get with the whole situation
Meat prices should be dropped
I can't stand to live this way
Things are gettin' worse
Each and every day
Open up your mind

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