747 Songtext
von Bill Callahan

747 Songtext

Is it going?

I woke up on a 747
Flying through some stock footage of heaven
This is the light right here
Before clouds bittersweet and with suggestion
This is the light
Bald and bold as baby crawling toward adulteration

There was blood when you were born
And the blood was white from your eyes
This must be the light you saw
That just left you screaming
And this must be the light you saw
Before our eyes could disguise true meaning
And this must be the light you saw
Just as you were leaving

We walked on the moon
Like flies on a mule
We walked on the moon
Flaws in a jewel
We are flies on a mule
And we're good at what we do

We turn darkness into morning
We turn belief into evening
Yeah, we turn darkness into morning
And we turn belief into evening

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