Vegas Songtext
von Big Thief

Vegas Songtext

Holed up in Vegas for only week
And I caught you tongue in cheek by the side of a row of an automobile export
Turned up the volume and you started to weep and I thought you lame
Even in the summer headlight sea your tears were salty oceans
You open up the engine and I listen to it sing
And I thought you lame

You knew your daddy until you were thirteen
And then he took his leave for the likes of the land in the far off salty ocean
We shook our bodies and you started to scream and I asked you again,
"Tell me when we grow up can we ever go home?"
You said "home comes, you hideaway"
We are the movies on a motel screen
Until you leaving me warm inside of your mouth
And my skin was salty ocean

And then you recommended that I'm a woman to keep
And I called you man

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