Hysteria Songtext
von Big Head Todd and the Monsters

Hysteria Songtext

Nine O'clock turn it on, turn it on and your spellbound
It's a t.v. movie and it isn't a letdown
Now "The Killer" is on, and they're nearing the takedown
Did you see her shoot one man while she was funning another?
What she conveniently reveals, as she is running for cover?
Now the killer is on the town, the avenger is at the shutters! Chorus
Eleven O'clock and the news is making me sorry
There's a killer over there, but you don't have to worry
- about all the bad things going down
Going down in a hurry
She is taking the weight of the world and making it hollow
She touched my hand and made me a knight in her Harlem
She wants me to tell her
I mean to be silent
I see you smile half innocent
Add seduction, some blood, and then you don't feel anything
(you can't feel everything) - except hysteria

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