Along the Ridgeway Songtext
von Big Big Train

Along the Ridgeway Songtext

Racing for the hillsides
Like shadows from the clouds
You will find a place to fly

Just below the Ridgeway
'Cross fields of summerlease
Walk towards the open sky

If you stand all alone
Alfred sounds the stone
So the story goes

Racing on the hillsides
The shadows gone to ground
They will find a place to rise
Up there on the Ridgeway
The path beneath your feet
That will lead away from home

If you stand all alone
George will slay his foe
Where the grass can never grow
At night, Wayland's forges glow
Smelting iron and blood
For wings to fly him home

At home, a world of steel and stone
With stories never told
Where you feel so alone
But back out there on the hills
The chalk horse comes on down
Takes water from the well
And by the light of the moon
Alfred sounds his stone
And legends are reborn

Here comes the Salisbury Giant
Here comes a lonely man
A crowd of people lead him by the hand

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