Take What I'm Given Songtext
von Bhi Bhiman

Take What I'm Given Songtext

I think that I'd like to go live on a farm
And live out my days like a loose ball of yarn
Sit 'neath the oak tree, my sweetheart and me
And carve out my name and my own destiny

Yes I'll take what I'm given

I'll buy me a hog and some acres of land
And dig through the soil with the strength of my hands
Pray for the rains to come nourish my crop
And love that old land 'til the day that I drop

Yes I'll take what I'm given

I've lived in the city and I've seen all its charm
And I know what it feels like to be in her arms
But all this technology's wearing me down
It lifts us all up, then we're slammed to the ground
There's too many egos in fast moving cars
Thinking that their lives are worth more than ours
I'd love to live life like a lazy old hound
Man wasn't made to be this tightly wound

So I'll take what I'm given
Yes I'll take what I'm given

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