Eye On You Songtext
von Bhi Bhiman

Eye On You Songtext

I'm learning now what lovers have known
I'm seeing how all the jealousy grows
It starts with a fertile mind and a suspicious lie
"I'll be out late. There's food for you. Its my volunteer night."

Do you think I'm dumb? I'm just a man who hasn't a clue?
I got my eye on you

What you talkin' 'bout business trips? You work at the mall.
You're hanging up on my calls and always busting my balls
A man with only one thing on his mind
Has stole your heart and left me far behind

Our love is a roulette that's overdue
I got my eye on you

You don't talk to me no more like we've nothing to say
You're cattin' 'round like a harlot in a Shakespearean play
I'll find me a god-fearing girl and she'll treat me so good
You just laugh at me and say, "Sucker, maybe you should."

I'm a pain, I'm just a rock inside your shoe
I got my eye on you

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