Beautiful Contradiction Songtext
von Beverley Knight

Beautiful Contradiction Songtext

Beverley Knight : Guess my mama knew exactly what she meant the day she said,
"Be careful what you wish for. It will come to you"
Little did I know the day I met you.
You would demonstrate
How everything in mama's words would ring so true,
Independent people with a different take on living,
Now how did we become more than just good friends?

Chorus: Baby we make such a beautiful contradiction,
Together we are in no two ways the same,
Baby, we make such a beautiful contradiction,
And it's the very thing that sparks the flame.

Musiq Soulchild : You and I should be like oil and water.
But somehow we mix
Together and we make a very special blend.
Everyday we clash on politics, religion.
But we learned the
Art of how to kiss and make up in the end yeah.
Sometimes I beileve that we were born on different planets,
Alien invasion of my heart and soul.


I realise it.
You learn.
You gotta cry.
You gotta respect and
feel somebody you gotta fall.
You gotta rise
To really understand the things that make this little world go round.
That's what really makes us.
That's how we learn.

Sometimes I believe that we were born on different planets
Alien invasion of my heart and soul.


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