Making Love Alone Songtext
von Bernadette Peters

Making Love Alone Songtext

A log thrown on the fire, two profiles met as one
The igniting of desire in the air
But when there′s just one profile, And yet desire grows
Despite the fact there's no one else to care
Must romance be abandoned as it′s fanning its own flame?
Waiting to burst full-blown
There's a special kind of bliss
Not engendered with a kiss
Surreptitiously indulged in less well known
For when one cannot make love with another
One can still make love alone

There's a certain special magic
To the touch of your own hand
And a special thrill
Knowing that you will
For sure soon be feeling grand
And the tender swell of rapture
You don′t have to try to postpone
That′s what it's like
When your Making Love Alone

Oh the sweet, sweet sound of your own breathing
As the sky turns pale pink to hot
And the special thrill
Knowing that you will
Not catch God only knows what
It′s the kind of glove that fits hand in glove
And burst like a bud full blown
That's what it′s like
When you're Making Love Alone

Who can describe the special sweetness of knowing
The speed that your′re going is right
And is there anything as thrilling
As trying to keep the book open to page 24 all night

How reassuring to know
When it's finally time to go
That you'll still be there when you leave
And as dawn is for breaking
You hear yourself making
A date for New Years Eve

It′s the kind of love that fits hand in glove
Especially when the glove is your own!
For the date when you can′t see their faces
The one who knows all the best places
Who'll never ask your sign on the phone
No no no signs
Due to the simple magic of making love
Not taking, faking, mistaking love
The simple magic of Making Love Alone
Save on cologne!
That′s what its like when you're Making Love Alone...

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