Louise Songtext
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Louise Songtext

Fell in love, were just children
She was born blind, that's how the story goes
She was the one, he'd gave his life away
The promise was 'till death us do oh part
Louise, my love, you are so young
I'll always love you oh with all my heart
Louise, beloved, where do you run?
Don't worry I will keep you from the harm
Time passed by, suddenly there was a,
A ray of light behind these empty eyes
Morning comes, a new beginnig
And in despair, he killed her
Louise, beloves, what have you done
But though the curtain falls we'll never be apart
Louise, no rose, without a thorn
You'll never walk on pieces of my broken heart
Louise, my love, you were so young
I've always loves you oh with all my heart
Louise, there was no other way
The die is cast you finally belong to me
Grief an despair
Before leaving lying there
So sweet unfaithful eyes just closed
Louise, calm down and go to sleep
I'm gonna save you from the time to come
You're home
You're home

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