Kiss of Our Dark Mother Songtext
von Behexen

Kiss of Our Dark Mother Songtext

In the blackest dreams the Serpent was beheaded
It's head burned in the sun but the body escaped
It's tunnel under the ground was like a womb
Shining forth the divine golden light
In the blackest nightmares the creature appeared like a shadow
It circled around and stared with it's spidery eyes
I could hear it's heavy, fiery sulphurous breathing
And the silent invitation from it's bloody lips
The Dark mother, who guides from the gardens of the dreams
Everything that you put before us has a meaning
It's a formulae, the spell to be found
For those in whose voins the blood of Samael flows
I praise thee O Lilith the destroyer
Give me your blessings
Give me your dark blessings
Show me the vision of your darkest glory
The end of all... the end of all Flesh
Lilith the destroyer, yu are the end of all Flesh
The end of all... the end of all Flesh
Along your path saturated by blood
Upon your web occupied by thistles
Through your boody gates
You'll guide us to the end, Ama Lilith
Spread your wings - Ama Lilith
Reveal the black flames - Ama Lilith
Goddess of Sitra-Ahra - Ama Lilith
Protect us - Ama Lilith
Guide us - Ama Lilith
Towards the end - Ama Lilith
Until enlightment - Ama Lilith
In the end we shall see the Devil
His face without the darkened mask
And the nails which open the streams from our hands
To become channels of His Living sea...

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