Buttermilk Songtext
von Beau Diako

Buttermilk Songtext

You were fun and dreams
You were funny games
You were funny words
And you ain't have to ask about we mean

At the cyber cafe for the internet
No cellphone you ain't need it yet
Ain't got no drama that you finna share
Had a little bit of trauma but it wasn't clear

Middle school taught you how to hide
High school taught you not to cry
College got you asking why
The world gave you some funny not funny answers

Now you back for the summer
Sitting down eating pancakes
Laughing at a saturday morning cartoon called life

We were home

Backpack, always, we knew the deal
Mind was on the runway, heart in the hills
Head in the clouds, eyes lost in something you saw
Something we don't, something that we learned and forgot
You always had a funny way of seeing things
It always took you somewhere worth seeing
You always came back with a song to sing
And we singing along, we singing along
Singing along
To this saturday morning car tune called life

We were home
Home is a feeling

41 west to wherever next

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