You Fat Bastard Songtext
von Beans on Toast

You Fat Bastard Songtext

The country's getting fat the country's getting bigger,
So build another KFC we need it more than ever,
Oh we all want a mars bar with our pack of crisps,
A can of coca cola with our fish and chips

Well watch out fat man here comes jamie oliver with a healthy salad and a glass of water obesity's a problem and its fucking disgustin so think about the of the world thats starving

Well the country's getting slim
Oh the country's getting thinner
But the models in the magazines just keep on getting thinner
And because they look succesful its fucks up childrens minds
You cant tell them there beautiful just coz if their size

Well watch out skinny girl here comes vanessa feltz she'll tell you anorexia aint no good for your health well you've gotta learn to look the way your made were all different shapes and sizes but thats ok

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