Hyrkanian Blades Songtext
von Battleroar

Hyrkanian Blades Songtext

In a time when children sing
Of magic, lords and rings
As the eagle spreads its wings
We rise

When ancient empires fight
Steel gleams across the night
Hyborian kings, conquest and might

Breed of Atlantean kings
Masters of the sword
Rulers from the East
Hyrkanian Blades

With mace and chains we'll grind
The tyrants of mankind
Civilization's just a dream
Conceived in Erlik's eyes

Where thrones are shining bright
Like jewels under the sky
On roads with jade and amber paved
We will ride

Rising from lemurian ashes
Riding savage steeds of war
Flashing Steel's their only answer
Rulers from the East

The living Tarim knows
What Skelos once foresaw
A mighty flood will sweep anew
The savage plains we roam

Black steeds of war will ride
Across the steppes that night
With flashing axe and deadly sword
To storm the gates of time

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