Exile Eternal Songtext
von Battleroar

Exile Eternal Songtext

Far away from home
I roam these lands and distant shores
Damned - Forsaken - Banned - Cast out
A pariah of war
All I held so dear I had to burn and leave behind
A solitary man who's the run into exile

Never again I'll see the faces of my kin
But all their faces are engraved & locked so deep within
All I had so easily taken away from me
But no you'll never take away these treasured memories

I'm free
I'm free
I'm free

Forever banned into exile eternal - Exile eternal
Forever banned - Banned into exile

Oh dreaded foe
Follow the trails of my escape
Send all your dogs of war
to catch my scent and seal my fate
I will not rest
I'll lead you beasts away into the wild
You may catch me
You'll hunt me down
but not my wife and child

I'm free
i'm free
i'm free

Some they called me golden tongue
For I gave generously of my private means
I founded hospitals for the poor
A social being
Not a religious activist
I spoke out fearlessly against the custom of bowing
before their statues
For this defiance of authority I was banned into exile

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