Love Is Love Songtext
von Barry Ryan

Love Is Love Songtext

Glad to be near you
I know you're there

Love is like an aging flower
Dying as it grows higher
And that love is like an angel
Falling through the sky
And crawling down into the ground

'Cause love is love
It's all around

Love is love, is love, is love, is love, is love
Love is love

I will give you all the best years
Of your life if you will be my wife
If you will stay

I would stay with you until I'm old and grey
And when I'm old I'll pray like I've been told

'Cause love is love
And love is cold


Thank you for your love
That is mine again
I'm wasting my day

And I feel that I'm
Looking for the sun
And wasting my time

Glad to be near you
How do you do

I will play the part of being
Husband to your heart
And when I'm gone
There'll be my son

Listen love to what I'm saying
When I leave her he will carry on
The things I've left undone

'Cause love is love
When we're all one


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