Myths Made Plain Songtext
von Bad Books

Myths Made Plain Songtext

F you're wondering how we landed here
You were watching the waves and drinking beer
You don't even remember standing up
Truly I don't either
At some point you waded to your waist
As you slipped further out the stakes were raised
Finally you were surrounded and for what
A water darker and deeper
In 1997 I became myself
And 20 minutes later I began to melt
The cycle leads to and the course of time
The shifting definitions that comprise a life
The people I become and the people I don't recognize
If you're wondering who arranged the mess
Some exceptions were made I grant, I guess
While we all let the peak of the parade
The underbelly went lethal

In 2007 tried to build a bridge
Between know how I was living and how I could live
Tricked myself into thinking I'd done enough
Once I got across I didn't blow it up
Yeah I closed some lanes, all it really takes is one
Open name to tear apart all your works
So fine you are, delicate unachieve all your half philosophy
Style points, blind belief a whirling perpetuity
The ocean warm that knows you did the same before
So in 2017 we did away with facts
All negotiation with a battle axe
The gruesome ideology is center shame
American identity was laid to waste
We're black lit and exposed
Sugar stripped and it's made clean
The people I become
The people I can't replicate

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