Building Too Songtext
von B. P. Valenzuela

Building Too Songtext

Realize, the time it takes to walk a mile
But then I realize, the time it takes to fall a mile
I'd be moving day and night
Knowing that one day I might,
I might just make this

Following a falling building up crashin down it's all the same
Makin' a feeling just to keep you in my hands it's all a game

Tired out keepin up with the temper of your footsteps on the pavement
Your speeding up, speeding heart is waiting for a time so I can drop a line but I'm sure you won't make it

You're right, no way everytime I got a little bit close
You're right,(?) ocean up being anywhere with anyone who gives a

And all the dreams, that drove me a while
A ghost of distant memories, lost in the blue print of my former mind

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