80 in 30 Songtext
von Avant

80 in 30 Songtext

[Featuring: Kajun & JLyn]

.All the different ways that we make love
Can't keep this thing away from you
All the kinky shit you wanna do!
The way we're making love to the moment,
The way you be coming and keep it going
Girl, I just can't wait
Got my foot on the gas, can't change the pace!

80 in a 30, 80 in a 30
80 in a 30, 80 in a 30, baby!
You got me 80 in a 30, 80 in a 30
80 in a 30 miles on!
I'm trying to get to your body, yeah
To your body, yeah, yeah!
Your body got me speeding,
Baby trying to get to your body, yeah, yeah!

Stunning lights everywhere,
Still mashing, I don't care
One thing on my mind
That's getting at, when I get there!
Tipsy, but I'm good though
B12 in the hood joke
.Trying to get to that freak show!

Oh, take it off, move around
Girl, it's professional how I put it down!
Check mate, every single mood
Call me Picasso, and let me stroke all over you!
The way we're be going, baby imagine that!
Tell all them girls that they can. back
And this the. what we be on, what we be on!

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