Your Majesty Gaia Songtext
von Aquaria

Your Majesty Gaia Songtext

The writer of this endless book
Is writing her last episode
But we are always living
The last page

A harvest of a new sunrise
Is coming fast to save the world
With all the prayers
We have craved for

Oh, spread your wings
Fly beyond
Touch the sun
Feel the heat
You have now your conquered

Spirit of an era with a bless of motherhood
Defend and all remains
Angels are the keepers of the justice and the good
The soldiers of our reign

The freedom tale that's alive
Brings passion that unite us all
Frontiers broken

By the will
Even laws are now in vain
Horizon is the same for all
Now mankind is ready to share
Love and heal

Oh, spread your wings
Fly beyond
Touch the clouds
Top of hills
You have now your conquered

Affection and forgiveness are the secrets to the might
We need them side by side
Powers of creation will break into mankinds heart
We'll rise the saviors' pride

Unbreak the bridge
Unite the earth
Everlasting sky
Forever free
Eternal soul
Your Majesty Gaia.


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