Slow Motion Songtext
von Anna Tivel

Slow Motion Songtext

Everything is magical in slow motion
The way you tilt your head under the sun
And maybe it's just yearning for a deep moment
The heated kiss of heroes waking up
But no one ever told you it would be perfect
And dreaming sometimes dresses like regret
And better men have failed to get the light working
They just stumbled in the dark for years I guess
And the slow motion color of the empty
interstate, like the warm light of a lover
when the day begins to break,
on the bluest Sunday morning that the
angels ever made, before they flew away
And the LA wind is hardly even blowing
You got the number dialed, but you don't call
You don't believe your words are worth the motion
You don't believe your tears are worth the salt
But you better tell your loved ones that you love them
Says the man beside the fence down at the park
And I drove across this country to the bottom
It's beautiful, but man it broke my heart
It's getting late we probably should get going
The dogs are glowing ghostly in the dusk
Another perfect stranger looking lonesome
Another moment slow and warm and hushed
And everything is magical in slow motion
The way you tilt your cheek against the blade
And maybe it's just yearning for a true moment
On the bluest morning angels ever made

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