Everest Songtext
von Ani DiFranco

Everest Songtext

From the depth of the pacific
To the height of everest
And still the world is smoother
Than a shiny ball-bearing
So i take a few steps back
And put on a wider lens
And it changes your skin
Your sex and what your wearing
Distance shows your silhouette
To be a lot like mine
Like a sphere is a sphere
And all of us here
Have been here all the time
Yeah we've been here all the time

You brought me to church
Cinder blocks, fluorescent light
Yeah you brought me to church
At seven o'clock on sunday night
And the band was rockin'
And the floors were scrubbed clean
And everybody had a tambourine

So i took a deep breath and became
The white girl with the hair
And you sat right beside me
While everybody stared
And through the open window
I think the singing went outside
And floated up to tell
All the stars not to hide
'Cause by the time church let out
The sky was much clearer
And the moon was so beautiful
That the ocean held up a mirror

As we walked home we spoke slowly
Yeah we spoke slow and we spoke lowly
Like it was taking more time
Than usual to choose
Words to go
With your squeaky sandal shoes
Like time is not a thing
That's ours to lose

From the height of the pacific
To the depths of the everest...

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