The Woven Shield Songtext
von Anguish

The Woven Shield Songtext

I hear the heavy breathing
the tongues of fire
and the eyes of stone
with a stare of death

From the sea of stone
to the twilight zone
I fled
with teeth biting my neck
I am hunted across the lands

I stole the heart of the world
The one thing untouchable, they said
But she showed me a way, ave Siugnah
Gave me purpose, a new way

Wanderers avoid me, villagers fend me off
Because of the apparel that I bear
None of this is of my concern
as long as I wield the Woven Shield
regardless of the blackened marks it makes

Deities of this world has got focused eyes
this shift of force has not gone unseen
They grow restless
Seas and rivers I command, but oceans are beyond control
Forests and grass with iron fists I rule
But mountains I shall not master
All this power onto me bestowed
the woven shield has on me grown

"The beast of Peak's Fall is awake
The ocean lord sharpens his spear
The Chaos Judge be harkening
The hawks take flight, eagerly watching"
But the keeper of the shield already hunts
beings of the earth, of stone and magic
I can feel the clash of sharp claws
Breaking ground in haste, in rage

With all eyes focused I run
I turn for her assistance
She moves and appear
I can hear her sing beyond the veil

But then she laugh

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