Love Is Over Songtext
von Andrew W.K.

Love Is Over Songtext

Love Is Over
Sorry That You're Crying
So Let's End It Here
Or It Will Just Go On

Love Is Over
Isn't Any Reason
Except For Only Saving You
I Want To Save Your Heart

Love Is Over
Someday There Will Be A Time
When We'll Laugh It Off And Say
We Were In Our Younger Days

Love Is Over
Wish You Wouldn't Cry So Hard
A Woman Deserves A Man
Forget Me As Soon As You Can

I Will Not Forget Your Face
When I Walk Away From You
If I Ever Find Someone
I'll Want Them To Be Like You
Because I'm Going To Go On With My Life
You Were My Last True Love

Love Is Over
Let Me Be Your Good Luck Charm
Wrap Me Up Inside Your Heart
Keep Our Love Safe From Harm

Love Is Over
Please Remember One Last Thing
Promise Me You'll Never Lie To Yourself

Promise Me You'll Never Drink Just To Try And Ease The Pain
Find Out About Yourself And You'll Make It Through The Rain
Then I'm Sure You Can Find Someone
Someone Right For You

Love Is Over
Oh, It's So Sad
Please Go Away Now
Promise Me You Won't Look Back
Love Is Over, Hmmm...
Promise Me You Will Take Care
Love Is Over

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