Love Never Dies Songtext
von Andrew Lloyd Webber

Love Never Dies Songtext

Who knows when love begins?
Who knows what makes it start?
One day it's simply there,
Alive inside in your heart.
It slips into your thoughts,
It infiltrates your soul,
It takes you by surprise,
Then seizes full control.
Try to deny it,
And try to protest,
But love won't let you go,
Once you've been possessed.

Love never dies.
Love never falters.
Once it has spoken,
Love is yours.
Love never fades.
Love never alters.
Hearts may get broken,
Love endures...
Hearts may get broken,
Love endures.

And soon as you submit,
Surrender flesh and bone,
That love takes on a life much bigger than your own.
It uses you at whim and drives you to despair.
And forces you to feel more joy than you can bear.
Love gives you pleasure,
And love brings you pain!
And yet, when both are gone,
Love will still remain.

Once it has spoken,
Love is yours.

(With great dignity, Raoul turns and exits. Christine sees him leave, and breaks off, wanting to reach out to him, unable to do so. She turns back to the audience--an audience that has no idea of what has just transpired. With great difficutly, Christine gathers herself and continues.)

Love never dies,
Love never alters,
Hearts may get broken,
Love endures...
Hearts may get broken.

(Then, finding courage in the decision she has made, she gathers her all and sings with every fiber of her body.)

Love never dies!
Love will continue!
Love keeps on beating when you're gone!
Love never dies once it is in you!
Life may be fleeting,
Love lives on...
Life may be fleeting,
Love lives on.

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