The Waters Songtext
von Anderson .Paak

The Waters Songtext

Yes lord, yeah

Tried to tell niggas, in 2012, nigga
Working hand to hand and no avail
Volume one was too heavy for you frail niggas
So I got leaned like codeine and pills
It's the visionary, in the vintage Chevy
It's been a while but wow you still care
Free Nash 'til they pass out obituaries
In bold caps, "your bitch-ass was not there"
And I can do anything but move backwards
The hardest thing is to keep from being distracted
My big sister still claiming me on them taxes
Tell Uncle Sam I just need a second to add this
Gave my momma ten racks
And she packed and went to Chumash with it
Quadruple the worth and give me half of it
Half of it I took in the back of the air mattress
A quarter stash was stashed in a box with the Air Maxes
The rest got lost in Saks with my wifey, no BM
Whack niggas dropping links in my DM
Bad bitches up and down a nigga TL
I'm glad that you finally made it to the future but you're late
And the price is through the muthafuckin' roof
If you want you could wait outside the building
I ain't takin' no more meetings

Stepped in the waters
The water was cold
Chilled my body
But not in my soul

I bring you greetings from the first church of Boom Baptists
United Fellowship of Free Nationals
Residing pastor is thy .Paak
And the first lady is a bad bitch
With slanted eyelids and thick ass
Sunglasses, Martin Luther King fan for you bitch niggas
Sweating on my Patent Leathers
Pressure turned their feather weight into a Cinderella
I ain't seen the ground in days since I grew propellers
We'll do one better
Word to the liquor that killed my grandpa liver
I know you finally look proud, a nigga smiling
To every hundred niggas that came and gone missing
Only a handful will go the distance
I swear I seen this shit coming as if I was living up under the plumbing
While niggas was riffing and mumbling 'bout, what they could do
I was cooking gumbo whipping the voodoo
I was in the jungle running with Zulu's
We was looking past the struggle while life was moving so fast
You had to be sharp as a Ginsu
To the top of the food group
Doing what I want and how I should too

Stepped in the waters
The water was cold
Chilled my body
But it didn't touch my soul
Stepped in the waters
The water was cold
Chilled my body
But it didn't touch my soul

Ladies in gentlemen, the most fantastic day in history
Would you boys mind explaining the cause
Of what made this great park go underneath this hood
Take a look at this

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