One Thousand Burning Arrows Songtext
von Amon Amarth

One Thousand Burning Arrows Songtext

They bring him to the shore
His ship is ready made
He will not see them anymore
Here he cannot stay
The brotherhood is gathered
Their faces hard as stone
They have come to take farewell
In silence they mourn

"Our king has left our ranks
A wise and noble man
We owe him loyalty and thanks
He ruled with a steady hand
He will be missed by all
His heart has now been stilled
Tonight he'll dine in Odin's hall
There he'll drink his fill"

The ship glides gently on the waves
As day turns into night
One thousand burning arrows
Fill the starlit sky
Two ravens on the longship
They spread their pitch-black wings
And lift up to the burning sky
A send-off for a king!

Into flames, the longship burst into flames!
Black smoke is rising high
To the eternal night
Into flames, the whole world burst into flames!
Nothing will be the same
Things will forever change

The flames are raging higher
They gnaw at wood and flesh
Soon the ship will break apart
And sink into the depth
This night we drink in silence
And when the morning breaks
Our king has left this world to walk
Through Valhalla's gate

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