Song for Elena Songtext
von Amii Stewart

Song for Elena Songtext

song for elena

the memory of every yesterday
still lingers and i hear the silence say
this is forever
never be afraid, no never fear
the paradise you lost is always near
forever and a day
the past is like a lover's kiss
it never fades away

although i've travelled far from paradise
the only world i'll ever recognize
will turn forever
there is no beginning and no end
the moment only dies to live again
forever and a day
the past is like a kiss
it never fades away

you will always be my one and only passion
and every kiss and joyous fear
has gone and left me here
alone the way i was before
behind the shuttered door of my room
each and every single word returns to haunt me
and from above i pray the rain
will fall and ease the pain
my song is carried by the wind
that leads me to your door
you'll be there to hold me
why if you and i were made to be together
why have they taken you away
and why couldn't you stay
it's cold and lonely without you
and if you're lonely too
call and i will follow

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