Cocaine and Abel Songtext
von Amigo the Devil

Cocaine and Abel Songtext

The distance from the man that I am to the man I want to be
The time it takes to realize time is the distance I need

But I was born impatient
And I was born unkind
But I refuse to believe I have to be
The same person I was born when I die
'Cause change is alright
Change is alright

I'm not proud of all the choices I've made for a lot of my life
Following the shadow when I damn well know that behind me is the light

But I've lied to my mother
I made people feel like hell
But I refuse to believe I have to keep
Being cruel 'cause I'm a coward myself

And time is impatience
No, patience takes time
Excuses will only do good if you're waiting around to die

Everyone is born with self worth
How easily it turns to doubt
It takes letting go of what we know we can't live without

But the blood in the water
Is the blood of my brother
We both learned it didn't mean a thing in
The end if one was thicker than the other

And I've tried having faith
But I'll rot like a dog
'Cause I've always been scared of loving
Someone just a little bit more than I'm loved

Losing is fine
Everything is fine

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