Cha-La Head Cha-La (Dragon Ball Z) Songtext
von AmaLee

Cha-La Head Cha-La (Dragon Ball Z) Songtext

Come slide down rainbows in the sky
Let′s fly away! (Let's fly away!)
Like a bird, you′re free to see the boundless face of the Earth
Let the wind blow you like a kite and
Glide away! (Glide away!)
For beyond the clouds you'll find another place

If the road ahead you seems so dark and grey
When night now turns to day

Don't you be afraid go fly away!

Cha-La! Head Cha-La!
No time to hesitate, go on and search the Earth
Within it lies a magic surprise
Cha-La! Head Cha-La!
Stand tall, don′t be afraid
You′ve got the power to get through the night
Cha-La! Head Cha-La!
Forget the things that keep trying to hold you back
And follow it with all your dreams
Cha-La! Head Cha-La!
Stand tall and find a way so you can face the day

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