My Coo Ca Choo Songtext
von Alvin Stardust

My Coo Ca Choo Songtext

Coo! Coo! I just want you
I really love the things that you do
Come on! Love-a-me too
Won't you be my coo ca choo
Sweetness - I like your dress
I love the way you know you're the best
I'm in love! an' I'm in a mess
I really want you coo ca choo

Love you
yes I love ya
yes I love my coo ca choo
Want you
yes I want ya
yes I - I really do want you
Tom Cat! Y' know where it's at!
Come on! Let's go to my flat
Lay down 'n groove on the mat
A-you can be my coo ca choo
Chains! Chains! I'm all in chains
Your love will drive me insane
Come on! Let's do it again
I really want my coo ca choo
Night time's a lonely time
When you're gone I'm starting to cry
But you know that you're on my mind
Oh honey be my coo ca choo
Do! Do! You love me too?
Will I smile or will I be blue?
Am I mad? I'm hung up on you
OR Honey be my coo ca choo
So honey be my coo ca choo

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