Subject to Change Songtext
von All Get Out

Subject to Change Songtext

Everything is subject to change.
There are the chances and the place I might rearrange
Every feeling, every thought I've ever had.
So come on throw it, make it count, kill me quick, kill me now.

Kill me now.

Everything still feels the same.
It has it's moments but the basics are always in place.
Every drive, every marker that I've seen
Proves the distance, my existence is to be a slave to you.

To you, what about me?

We've been driving fast
Driving fast for a long time.
When you think it's going to break it just bends.
The back nine is two years away.
This is the chance that we all gave.
Somewhere I've got a brother that I've never seen.
I really think I'd like to meet him and teach him the meaning
Of staying indoors.
So please just stay bored and give me your wallet.

What about me, how about you?

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