Let Me Go Songtext
von All Get Out

Let Me Go Songtext

You were sitting at your bed
Grinning from ear to ear
I can smell the evening
Things seem pleasing to you, only you

I was waiting up for you
Well I worried about you
I put them to bed
They missed their dad
Just where the hell were you

The first stop it's always true
That's my first suggestion to you
I can do my best
You get some rest
And tell me just what you did

I want to help you
I want to bring you back to life
But your sad, sick brain knows one damn thing
And it comes out every night

Just don't let me go
Don't let me go

Your choices they're hard to make
You make this harder every day
I'm sure I'm leaving
I'm more deceiving
I'm fumbling for words to say

I gave you everything I had
Well I loved you till death
That heart's going to beat
If you're able to breathe
Surely you're dead to me

The shivers and shakes your body makes
Are going to go away
That's the price you pay for the games you play
And nothing's going to change

I can't help you
I can't bring you back to life
You can find your help from someone else
Who's there and has the time

Just don't let me go
Don't let me go
Don't let me go
Don't let me go

Try to get dressed
And you put your shoes on
Let's get to the car
Let's make this right

The drive is short but it sure feels long
That's just how it is when you're leaving home
This isn't the end of your life
It's more like a pause and soon a start

Back on your feet again in no time
But if you're not with me, well I'm just not fine

I tried convincing God to change you
We had it out, and he said, "No"
Said a choice is a choice, and he says you made it
He'll help you along, but God why is nothing free?

You filled me up with hope, God, I used it
I used it all on you, can't you see?
There comes a time when you choose for another
So I'm making this choice
Just for the three that we made too

So just let me go
Just let me go
Just let me go
Just let me go
Just let me go
Just let me go
Just let me go
Just let me go

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