Roadshow Songtext
von Albert Bouchard

Roadshow Songtext

I've spent my life learning to roar
On hundred-city summer tours
Airport to limo to the show
One night's wizardry before I go

I'm from the age of rock and roll
The age of blues, the age of soul
With notes so fine and round and firm
They'll make you gasp, they'll make you squirm

I'm from the age of troubadours
Men set free by their guitars
Stretching hands across a chord
Until the melody line soars

Tonight I'll bring you spells and magic
Filled with stories strange and tragic
Filled with longing, filled with bliss
And one night's worth of sky to kiss

I'll sing to you and hold your hand
In blue suede shoes I am your man
A wanderer across the skies
I find my home inside your eyes

The amps rev up, the stage lights sear
Gone too soon, tonight I'm here
I have an hour, maybe two
To spill out my love for you

Everything I know of life
Love and pain sharp as a knife
I play them to your hungry ear
Stage center I can hold you near

Remember me when next we meet
And in between move to my beat
Hear my echo when things get quiet

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