Prayer (Light the Dark) Songtext
von Albert Bouchard

Prayer (Light the Dark) Songtext

Lord, I don't know my way
I have no idea where I'll stay
Tonight, tomorrow, the next day
I must hang oh God I pray

I sleep in buildings full of rats
Abandoned husks, cold as hell
Screams and curses in the streets
From little girls with bodies to sell

Hear to my voice
Let it light a spark
Give me a chance
Light up the dark

Day labored for a man who'd bray
Every word he had to say
Worked me dawn to sun's dying ray
Two bucks was all he had to pay

He's a king in my pauper's tale
He succeeds only if I fail
That's how he sees my travail
How do I tell him that story's stale

If we live or die in each other's greed
Neither of us will succeed
If we live and die in each other's grace
We meet each man face to face

Don't want your pity, don't want sorrow
Just a better tomorrow
A job to give us both a piece
Of what we all want, the American dream

Don't forget me here in the cold, damp dark.
Listen to my voice; let it light a spark.
I deserve respect; I can make my mark

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