Face in Your Mirror Songtext
von Albert Bouchard

Face in Your Mirror Songtext

My scarred face inside your mirror
Bears no resemblance to the man
Who posed before your needy eyes
When I thought you loved me

I have become an erasure
My freedom held in your rejection
I give you my compassion
And return to my reflection

Then I raise your silver needle
Shifting my visage, folding its layers
Stitching flesh to bone that crumbles
Overlapping discarded pain

Metaphysical incantation
Self-creation with no past
Alchemy of baser matter
Forgetfulness of what I was
We are born for pain like this
It makes a human know his flesh
Behind the self who once loved you
I am an altogether different man

I hide behind the mask I made
And lose myself in your searing stare
Are we ever as we appear
When looking through a lover's mirror?

Take your tears and numb my flesh
To the pain of re-emerging
Where once I was filled with wanting
Now I crave freedom from yearning

My reflection on the surface
Of this distorted lover's mirror
Traces the lines of my trembling scalpel

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