King of Intimidation Songtext
von Alanis Morissette

King of Intimidation Songtext

the women of this family
seem to feel that they owe it to the
men of the family to look relaxed,
rested, and attractive at dinnertime

for you,
they live in a quiet monastery. for you
they wear whatever you want them to as long as it is short
they count to ten when you tell them how to drive and
when they're afraid they let you speak for them

all hail the
king of intimidation;
model of good Christian behavior

for you,
we wax, nostalgic-ened our legs. for you
we chew our nails if we had any left buy fake ones to do it
we counted to ten temporarily and it was
something about how you talk down to me

all hail the
king of intimidation;
model of good Christian behavior

the room of compromise is full and apparently you don't want some
theres only so much we can do to make your rest assured

i am
single i am weary
you're just
jealous you're just confused your just
hungry you're missing out
you're not healthy
you i pity

all hail the
king of intimidation;
model of Christian behavior
and he knows not of
what he has wrongly done
so forgive his ignorant behavior

you are
tortured you are captured you were busted we were silent
you were tested you knew better you are lonely
was it worth it? la la la

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