Silly Woman Songtext
von Alan White

Silly Woman Songtext

P. Kirtley)

Aaaaaah ye silly woman
Why have you strayed away from me.
Aah ye silly woman
I'm beginnin' to think you can't even see
Aah ye silly woman
Why aren't you here right next to me.

First you say that you want out
Then you feel that you don't
You're up and down like a yo-yo
You're really messin' me around

Aah you silly woman
What is it I'm talkin' about?
Silly woman

I don't want to mock you
I know that your strivin' to be free
It's just the way ou've been carryin' on
I ought to spank you on my knee
Aah ye silly woman
Why aren't you here right next to me

You say you come and see me
Then you don't come around
I'm waitin' for you in the country
And your flittin' about in the town
You tell me there's no tomorrow
But don't you know
I need you now


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