Always Alright Songtext
von Alabama Shakes

Always Alright Songtext

Well you come upstairs but not to talk
You stay a little while then you do a little walk on home

I hear you downstairs smoking cigarettes, I hear you talking shit
Cuz you ain't got nothing to talk about at all

So you took me to party you got me alone
Said you wanna feel good and you feel like you're gonna explode

Well I don't care, can't pay attention, and I don't give a damn
About your intentions at all

Well pass me the whiskey, pass me the gin
Pass me whatever there's drank left in

Well I don't care if its seven in the morning
For all I care it could be the second coming

Well you say you couldn't take it anymore
You can't live like this, its a really big deal

Well I don't care, can't pay attention
And I don't give a fuck about your intentions at all

We're Alright
We're Always Alright
We're Alright
We're Always Alright
We're Alright
We're Always Alright
We'll be Alright

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