Timeless Skies Songtext
von Al Stewart

Timeless Skies Songtext

While traveling northwards on a back country lane
I came on the village where first I grew
And stopped to climb up the hill once again
Looking down from the tracks to the gray slate roofs

I watched the village moving as the day went slowly by
In the fields we lay here, my very first love and I
Under timeless arcadian skies
Under timeless arcadian skies

The old canal lies sleeping under the sky
The barges are gone to a lost decade
On overgrown banks here, lovers' footsteps went by
Long before ever the roads were made

And in our turn we passed here and carved our names on trees
As the days washed by like waves of an endless sea
Under timeless arcadian skies
Under timeless arcadian skies

Time runs through your fingers
You never hold it at all till it's gone
Some fragments just linger with you
Like snow in the spring hanging on

I left the village behind in the night
To fade like a sail on the darkening seas
The shifts and changes in the patterns of life
Will weather it more than the centuries

And in another village, in a far off foreign land
The new day breaks out opening up its hand
And the sun has the moon in his eyes
As he wanders the timeless skies

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