Still Runnin' Songtext
von Akon

Still Runnin' Songtext

And I'm tired of the running
Tired of the running
Running from the law
Baby you gotta believe me
Said I'm tired of the running
Tired of the running
Tired of the running
Running from the law
Baby ya gotta believe me...

2PacIt's on me
And still I'm having memories of high speed when the cops crash,
as I laughed pushing the gas, while my glock blast
we was young and we were dumb but we had heart
In the dark will we survive through the bad parts
Many dreams is what we had
and plenty wishes
no hesitations in extermination of the snitches
and these bitches they still continue to persue me
a couple of movies
now the whole worlds trying to screw me
even the cops trying to sue me
so what can I do, but stay true
sippin twenty twos of brew
and how the media asking questions
trying to stress me, misery is all i see
that's my mind state
my history with the police it shakes the crime rates
my main man had two strikes slip
got arrested and flipped
he screamed Thug Life and emptied a clip
got that runnin from the police...

BiggieCheck it
I grew up a fucking scew up
got introduced to the game
got an ounce and blew up
choppin rocks overnight
the nigga Biggie Smalls trying to turn into the young Frank White
We had to grow dreas tp change our description
two cops on the milk box missing
show they toes you know they got stpped on
a fist full of bullets a chest full of teflon
Run from the police, picture that
I'm too fat, fuck around and catch an asthma attack
that's why I bust back, It don't phase me
when he drop take his glock and I'm swayze
summer break my escape bought some weight
Lay back I got some money to make

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