Look Me in My Eyes Songtext
von Akon

Look Me in My Eyes Songtext

Hey girl
I see you standin next to him
And I can tell you aint happy...
You rather be on the side of the club
Wildin' out with a niggah like me...
I can see you imaginin' those thoughts in your head
By the way your staring'...
I'll help your fantasies come true
All you gotta do is look me in my eyes
Look me in my eyes
Ill take you to that place
All I ask is look me in my eyes
Look me in my eyes
Baby look me in my eyes

What it do mama they call me young blast
And I couldnt help but stop soon as I roll past yah...
I see your pretty face, you aint supposed to frown
Then whose your man, anywaise I'm gonna hold you down...
And I don't brag but he aint fly like me
He aint loyal, by your side, down to ride like me...
Now look around aint no guys like me
You can look into my eyes and see

I'm a playa for real...

Look me in my eyes
Ill take you to that place
All I ask is look me in my eyes
Look me in my eyes

Baby look me in my eyes
I see you peepin' mama

You know I'm watchin' you...
Can tell you want me
So tell me whats from stopping you...
I'm all the things that your man cant be
Down to do it all, fulfill your fantasy...
I need a freak down in late night creek
Hop up in the coupe, then we cruise throught the streets...
Ride to the telly then its straight to the suite
Turn the lights low and then its straight to the sheets...
Your man bumpin you don't need that mess
All I need is one night let me ease that stress...

Here runnin' game ma' I aint got a lot of you

Akon sing the tell her what she gotta do
So what I gotta do to take you home?

We ballin' out in the club buyin' shots of patrone...

Rake you to that place where we can escape, alone
Turn of the side-kicks, two-ways and phones...
So whats it gon' be?
Its either him or me...
When you ready shorty ill be in the v.I.p.
We livin' good baby rollin' in cash
Chunk your man a deuce tell him that your rollin with balst

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