Hustlaz Story Songtext
von Akon

Hustlaz Story Songtext

Akon and B.I.G. yea

Niggas talkin' it but ain't livin' it
Cristal pops I'm sippin' it, mob hats and lizard shit
'Gator trunks bitch, rollin' blunts with the williest of the willy
Heckler Koch, M-1's and nine millies
Stories like a motherfucker
Model bitches wondering if I'm a fuck with her
She know I treats my bitches like Ivana
Dolce and Gabana dippin'
Big Poppa never slippin'
H-class diamonds shinin'
Dinner with the wifey winin', dinin'
Smoking cigars in Bogota
With Colombian niggas named Panama
And Englique and shit
Games we play life endin'
Bitches bending over with ease
For a pair of Moschino jeans
And Donna Karan tank tops I got your bank stopped
Singles on top
Under the rest of 'em
From duplex to mansion
Stashing keys hidin' G's overseas
VCR's in my V's
Game elevates, money I make
Gets your stocks and real estates, bitch
Jet skiing in the Caribean, white sands
Discusing plans with my mans
Dark blue land, smoke tint chrome rims and system
That leaves your rear views tremblin'
What you gonna do when poppa catch an attitude?
Drop to your knees and show gratitude

Kiss my rings it's a Frank White thing I stay potent
Bitch is devoted, take my dick and deep throat it

Eternal sunshine in this elevated world of mine
Looking for this hour glass of time
Trying to find my purpose on this grand design

Is there anybody out there living?
4-5-6 is on the streets, they shootin
Is there any money out there for me?
You just listen to this husler's story

Picture me, a product of these
Scared lost, don't know what I'm suppose to be
Shit cost, money never came to me
When shit short, I suffered unshamelously
The lord humble niggas 'specially if they act like
They too big for they draw when they stacks right
Think I'm bullshittin? A bunch of niggas back like
Right back hungry, stacks gone, they forgot Christ
I know a nigga sold his soul for a nickel rock
I know some hoes for the dro you can hit the cock

I know a nigga workin 9-5

Been on 15 years, ain't got a car to drive
I know some nigga wanna act hard, flicks pitch
Fake jack boys, can't rob, get killed
Got kin folk backyard big whips
Escart that lift my homeboy this year


While B.I.G. sittin up with Englique
I'm on the coastline politickin' wit Jose
We got the birds flyin in the coupe all day
Tryin to find a new way to smugglin pure yay'

We bout our business, ain't know small time fees
If you ain't growin the 'caine then we ain't gon' meet
See I'm the one when things get deep
And my Africans will put yo' main man to sleep, now
And Mexico far from the block
Tryin to figure out how many Glocks to a box, now
Sellin arms as well as rocks in my socks
If you could show me the money, here's the ki's to the lock, now
Hey, you know the streets is my territory
Ain't scared of nothin, let you fear it for me
Hey, whether win, lose or draw
Believe that death is waitin for all3

Face Mob in the buildin (Uh huh)
Niggas is quick to chop rocks and hot hands
Make a break for it, get away for it, that was the plan (but)
So the whole time, I been plottin on his man
Caught him slippin and sleepin, I hit his ass wit the can, and
Here's somethin that you can't understand
How can one be so cold and snatch a nigga's soul? (Damn)
I'm on some get back shit, there comes a time
In every man's mind when it's deeper than dollar signs
I been on the grind, got homies doin time
Behind niggas actin like bitches and bitches droppin dimes
I'm duckin indictments, pussy just wet and wise
Niggas just ain't tellin, no, they know we let it slide
But nah, we gotta ride and him, he gotta die
So if you catch up to his ass before I catch him, give him mine
The rats one thing a real nigga here dispise
I'm a five K one killa, I set his ass on fire

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