Run Jozi (Godly) Songtext
von AKA

Run Jozi (Godly) Songtext

Started from bottom,
was rolling around in that Toyota bakkie
The summer is ours,
I'm hungry for power – Gaddafi Gaddafi
You turn on the tube but all that you see is Versace Versace
You go to my school,
they can't tell you shit 'bout Chris Hani Chris Hani
This is ain't the land of the free, no propaganda machine
Handle my flag on the screen, then light a candle for 'Dibs
Then light a candle for 'Dibs,
Smoke in the jets, smoke, smoke in
the jets
Smoking them like cigarettes
Takin' it straight to the head??
This is the sweetest revenge

Nkosi sikelela, thina, thina namagenge
Godly Godly Run Jozi, Run Jozi,

My flow is so harzadous
Mfanakithi, can't nobody handle this
I annihilated all my competition so there's no further challenges
Look, going against the authority
ntwana is totally blasphemous
In a city where having no morality is totally fabulous
what's going on with these amateurs
over the internet posting some
Next thing you know your career is over,
Ntwana, over some characters
It's the juxtaposition of choosing stupidity over intelligence
Ntombazana ushishiliza ngendunu
phansi and you hoping for happiness
Emhlabeni k'mel'uz'bheke it's
crucial, ubothemb'itshe than uthembe
They laugh in your face while they planning to shoot you
Bafuna nj'uk'culel'amagugu
Ng'zobamba ngo-left ngik'bambe
ngo-right mina kleva I'll hurt you
We outchea living that Eskom life,
yeah we in that power circle
See all I ever wanted was a peace of mind
to speak my mind the streets are mine
I haven't even reached my prime,
ng'sazokwenza busy blind
Aw mina ngiy'ntsimb'edl'ezinye
Just read between the lines
And when the sparks fly hope you can see the grind
See the grind, yeah

K'dala sibatshela ukuthi k'phethe
thina la
Kodwa kungena ngapha kuphuma
Kungena ngapha kuphuma ngapha,
I'm something like Haile Selassie,
beautiful women and Jah Seed
God-speed to my competition
Fuck whatever your palm reads,
I'm on the mission like they politicians in hot seats
Fuck with the gods,
Top o'the charts name a level I can't reach
Better check credentials
… to check the temple
Do you want progress or do you want Rolex?
Better make mine presidential,
influential More gold bottles,
No role-models this whole model is fucked up,
And we all follow no Gupta gate,
No magistrate, just mami's shake like cold bottles
Bank notes falling,
no foreign,
no problem Madiba faces in brief cases like Zim dollars
Say "Our father"

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