Beside the Oak Songtext
von Ad Nemori

Beside the Oak Songtext

Autumn comes
Leaves fall down
Onto soaked earth
The last time I heard your voice
Was far too long ago
Floating on the emphasis
The cipher getting near
I protect the remembrance
The last bit of hope
Waiting where we first met
Down beside the oak
Veiling in solitude
Letting darkness reign
Little hearts scratched in the bark
Witnesses of time
As Wind blows up I still can smell
The lovely flavour of yours
The void among my memories
Is spreading day by day
I protect the remembrance
As the last leaf drops down
Smoke, smoke
Devastate my pain
My memories
Smoke, smoke
Burn it down
Devour our oak
Lie down where we first met
Down on adust soil
Veiling in fire's blaze
Let salvation reign

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von Ad Nemori

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