Hide My Face Songtext
von Acid Ghost

Hide My Face Songtext

What is the content of love?
But, basically, something we can't put our finger on at all
We say, we use such words as want, um. tenderness.
uh all these things they don't really get to the point
When you're loving somebody you are simply delighting in that person as such,
as if another human organism in its mental and its physical aspects were a piece of music
or a work of art
or a glorious morning
and you go over another person's physical form and look at it from every possible point of view
and play with it and uh, that's what it's about
it's the adoration of the form of a human being
and you do that adoring in terms of physical contacts that are, say dancing with your fingers
across the skin, or whatever it may be
This is the nitty gritty, the nub of love
One wants something much more than that
You want to be played with
...That's more like it

What is the content of love?
It's a sort of it, part of it
It's incidental
It's a way of say that i strongly,
yes i do want to be with you
But, basically, something we can't put our finger on at all

This is detective Charles checking in.
Looks like we have a victim on the ground.
Gunshot wounds to the head.
Uhh, looks like there's some type's like, it's a recorder
A tape recorder or something
Gonna have to listen to this

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